Wells Mason


 “In the tradition of minimalists like Donald Judd, Mason keeps [The Mirror Series] simple, but he steps away from the past through painting the surface and adding geometric space, hidden between his forms.”
– Todd Camplin Weekly, Dec 2012


“[The Umasi Collection] is what Gerrit Rietveld might’ve cooked up if he’d swung through Twin Peaks.”
– Paper City, Apr 2011


“You could say Mason’s oeuvre grapples with modernism versus tradition, with rampant consumerism versus sustainability, with strict functionality of craft versus design with a message – and you’d be right on all three counts.”
– Forbes, Mar 2011


“This [Umasi Chair] is fucked up...but it’s so clearly fucked up, and that’s what I like about it. It belongs in the Cooper-Hewitt.”
– Hamza Walker, Associate Curator, University of Chicago, Jun 2009


“Mason’s pieces balance all the tranquility and excitement of a Rietveld chair, while blurring the line between furniture and sculpture, like the designs of Noguchi.”
– Brilliant, May 2007